Chair in Human Rights

Established in 2011, the UNESCO Chair in Human Rights uses an interdisciplinary approach to address key issues related to human rights, according to UNESCO’s strategy in this important area.

The UNESCO Chair in Human Rights seeks to build bridges between research and policy-making, the academic world and civil society, local communities and the private sector.

The Chair acts as a think-tank on UNESCO's priority themes, namely North-South Cooperation and North-South-South Triangular Cooperation, as well as equal opportunities. Moreover, the commitments of the UNESCO Chair in Human Rights correspond to the Mission Statement of the University of Luxembourg.

The Chair in Human Rights organizes its activities around three main axes: 

  • Teaching
    Helping to set up an integrated system of educational activities, information and documentation in the field of human rights.

  • Research
    Acting as a think-tank on human rights by concentrating on relevant research topics, especially in the areas of humanities, social sciences and law.

  • Society
    Increasing public awareness of human rights issues and creating links with civil society by acting as a think-tank on defence and the promotion of human rights.

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