Launched in 1992, the programme « UNESCO Chairs » supports the establishment of university chairs in the Organization's fields of competence, including education, the natural and social sciences, culture, communication and human rights.

In association with UNITWIN, the programme « UNESCO Chairs » promotes cooperation and international networking between universities, with the aim of increasing the institutions' potential through shared knowledge and collaborative work. Thus establishments involved in higher education and research worldwide pool their human and material resources in order to address the urgent challenges and contribute to the development of their respective societies.

In many cases, UNESCO Chairs act as think-tanks and bridge-builders between university, civil society, local communities, research and policymakers. They help support important decisions on orientation, create new educational initiatives, generate innovation through research and contribute to the enrichment of existing university programmes, as well as promoting cultural diversity.

In fields suffering from a shortage of skills, the Chairs often spearhead excellence and innovation, at both national and regional level.

Today, the programme brings together over 700 establishments in 116 countries, among them, the University of Luxembourg and the UNESCO Chair in Human Rights.


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